Elizabeth Bouvier-Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Bouvier-Fitzgerald, LPC

Elizabeth Bouvier-Fitzgerald is a licensed clinician, trainer and speaker. She earned a dual master’s degree from Lesley University in expressive psychotherapies and clinical mental health and has over 16 years’ experience working with people across the lifespan to help them achieve their goals. She conducts trainings on trauma-informed theory and practice to help us understand how trauma separates us from love and what we can do to find our way back. Elizabeth identifies as provider with lived experience of trauma, poverty, resilience and most importantly, hope.

The Resolution Diamond Plus: In this half-day training we’ll explore the impact of trauma, adversity and chronic stress on our relationships with students, coworkers and ourselves AND learn some new skills for living our best life. Staff will leave with tools and resources that can used for their own health and wellness and can also be shared with students.

Some takeaways you can expect:

  • We’ll look at how trauma and chronic stress affect brain development and behavior in adults and kids.
  • We’ll identify protective factors and ways we can build them into our daily routines.
  • We’ll learn some strategies for promoting non-violent conflict resolution.
  • We’ll gain a deeper understanding of barriers to resilience and identify solutions for creating breakthroughs!

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