Healing Through Personal Storytelling

with NYT Best Selling Author Ingrid Ricks

About this workshop


  •  Session I Keynote Ingrid Ricks- Healing through Personal Storytelling.
  • Session II Keynote – ‘Writing to Heal”
  • PLC Prompt
  •  Session II Keynote – ‘Bringing Your Story to Life”
  • Q & A with presenter
  • PLC Prompts
  • Enter conference notes into your Canvas apartment.
  • Optional wellness and stress release activities

Additional Independent Study to complete 15 hours which = 1 graduate semester credit: Read Author Ingrid Rick’s best seller book “Hippy Boy” and answer 10 questions. Submit into Canvas apartment.

2 credit option: Complete one credit requirements above and then complete a one day Place Based Education experiential learning experience. Journal your hours of PBE and wellness, plus answer 10 questions and/or complete your finished product story (15 hours). Submit into Canvas apartment.

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About Ingrid Ricks

Ingrid Ricks is an NYT-bestselling author, writing coach, inclusion activist and inspirational speaker who is passionate about leveraging personal storytelling to foster healing, awareness, empathy and change.

Over the past seven years, she has helped more than 2,000 students of every age find healing and empowerment by writing the deeply personal stories they needed to tell, and has produced seven anthologies in partnership with high schools to raise awareness about the serious challenges today’s youth face.

Ingrid, who views personal storytelling as the key to healing and unity in today’s divided world, has teamed with Summer Institutes since 2015 to bring her personal narrative workshops to educators through live conferences and online courses. She also teams with other organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Ingrid’s books include the coming-of-age memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story, and Focus, a memoir about her journey with the blinding eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. She has also ghostwritten several memoirs and has shared stories from her childhood on Salon and NPR.

For more information, visit www.ingridricks.com,

Course Information
Course number: PDSI 9930
Location: Online

2 Credits - $350

1 Credit - $175

Course Only - $100

Hippy Boy - Ingrid Ricks