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PDSI 9977 Unleashing The Power of Personal Narrative – 3 Credits

Unfortunately this course is closed, but you can view Ingrid’s latest presentations in the 5-Start Series.

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Date: Ongoing at individual’s own pace
Time: N/A
Instructor: Ingrid Ricks

Online Course: PDSI 9977

Unleashing the Power of Personal Narrative with Ingrid Ricks

Narrative writing is about so much more than just “show vs. tell” techniques designed to bring a personal story to life. It’s a way to ignite a passion for writing among students, while helping them to find healing, empowerment and validation by writing the deeply personal stories they need to tell. It’s also a way to foster understanding and compassion among peers, staff and the community at large.

Open to anyone at a reduced rate without graduate credits. Independent Study Course.

Hippie Boy Handbook - Ingrid Ricks

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Independent Study Course: Ongoing at individual’s own pace:

Week 1: Releasing Stress/Healing through Personal Storytelling
– Section 1) Intro and Identifying Your Story
– Section 2) Structuring Your Story

Week 2: Openings, Character & Setting
– Section 1) Openings that Grab
– Section 2) Character Development and Setting

Week 3: Emotion and Dialogue
Week 4: Show Vs. Tell
Week 5: Tips for Incorporating Personal Narrative Program

Note: 4-6 page personal narrative is due prior to graduation

Graduates will receive:

– 3 Semester Graduate Level Continuing Education Credits*
    *Requires purchase of 3 credits during registration.
– University of the Pacific (non-profit/WASC approved)

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About the Instructor

Ingrid Ricks

Ingrid Ricks

NYT's Best Selling Author/Educator

Ingrid Ricks is a New York Times bestselling memoir author, ghostwriter, narrative writing consultant and founder of Write It Out Loud, a program that fosters healing and empowerment through personal narrative. Her books include the coming-of-age memoir, Hippie Boy and Focus, a memoir about her journey with the blinding eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. She is currently teaming with African Children’s Choir Founder Ray Barnett to write his inspiring memoir.

Along with writing, Ingrid is passionate about leveraging narrative writing and the new world of publishing to give both teens and adults a voice. She has helped more than a thousand students of every age find healing and empowerment by writing the deeply personal stories they need to tell. She has also helped produce seven teen anthologies.

Additional Course Details

In this hands-on narrative writing course, NYT bestselling author Ingrid Ricks draws on the personal experiences and lessons learned from writing her story and working one-on-one with more than a thousand students to help you unleash the power of personal narrative in your classroom. In this accredited course, which adheres to Common Core Standards for Narrative Writing, you’ll learn by experiencing the power of personal storytelling for yourself—from identifying and structuring the personal story you need to tell, to bringing it to life through a variety of narrative writing techniques. The course also covers key factors for successfully implementing this program in your classroom.

Required: Complete all narrative writing assignments and write a 4-6 page personal narrative that you will submit prior to graduation.

Recommended: This course features narrative writing lessons taken from Hippie Boy and is usually taught in conjunction with Hippie Boy. If desired, you can read the book during this course as part of your overall experience. To purchase Hippie Boy from Amazon, click here.

Note: Participants can follow the five-week course structure as outlined below, or work through the video lessons and assignments at their own pace – with one-on-one feedback from Ingrid every step of the way.

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What students are saying

“Thank you for pushing me to express my feelings both positive and negative through writing. This class has brought me a ton of joy and I didn’t view it as work but a joyful opportunity to grow and learn new writing techniques.” – Ashley Greene, kindergarten teacher

“Oh my goodness! So grateful for her to be here with us, and so fired up and inspired to write!!”

“Thank you so much Ingrid for everything! I loved receiving your feedback and I loved reading Hippie Boy as well.” – Shandi Ross, middle school teacher

“Meeting with Ingrid was amazing. I felt like I could do anything and I did. Many tears were shed but I felt so much better after being able to let that out.”

“Thank you for your inspiration and for pushing me to tell my story.” – Jose Saenz, high school Spanish teacher

“What a fun and interesting class!” – Cally Modin, 7th grade ELA teacher

“This course is very powerful and beneficial to ANY writer. I really enjoyed the video components. I felt like Ingrid was there, talking to me; and the personal feedback was invaluable. I think offering this course online is a huge draw for teachers. A person could even work on this from their beach chair!!” – Christina Cox, 4th grade teacher.

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