Dick Comar

Dick Comar

Lansing and Livonia, MI

Dick graduated from the University of Detroit with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Minor in Math. He received his Master of Science in Biology from St. Mary’s College, Winona, Minnesota and his MA in Educational Leadership from Michigan State University.

Dick has taught science and math at the middle and high school level and health sciences at the college level. Dick is semi-retired and spent most of his last nine years teaching math and science in the Detroit Public Schools. Part of his career has been coaching football at the high school, college and professional level.

Dick received a National Science Foundation grant and is in the Michigan High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame and the Catholic Coaches Hall of Fame. He has been a Special Olympics Volunteer since 1980. Dick was also chosen to serve as Track Marshall at 1999 World Special Olympic Games in Raleigh, NC. He has been a featured speaker at Parent-Teachers Associations and Banquet Speaker at Lansing Public Schools. Dick has presented in Grand Rapids Teaching Seminar about Self-Evaluation to Quality Teaching. He also has been a speaker at Michigan North Central Association (NCA) and Chicago National North Central Association NCA Convention. In 2012 Dick was a speaker near Seattle, at Port Townsend National Teachers Workshop.

Dick has also been an Athletic Director of a Class B High School and Director of Public Relations for the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association. His work in School Improvement Accreditation included Outcomes Co-Chair in Responsible Behavior School Improvement and Chair, Steering Committee NCA (North Central Accreditation) Transition Endorsement Model. He also served on the North Central Association Visitation Team. Presently, Dick is on the Board for the Michigan State University Football Players Association and the Parkwood YMCA.

In his leisure time you may find him enjoying fishing, hunting, playing golf, gardening, landscaping and hang gliding.

A Word From the President

“Dick (Co) Comar, is the amazing Magic Man! I met Dick up against a wall at an AFCA National Coaches Convention. I asked him if Michigan Teachers need professional growth credits, explained to him what SI does and he simply said I’m in! Wow, I was sure glad to randomly meet “Co.” In his first year he had 23 teachers at Okemos, four years later he had over 400! One of the fastest working and most loved and loyal man that I ever met.”

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