Summer Institutes Rick Miller

Bringing Hope to Youth in the Trenches

with Rick Miller

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  • Introductions and Setting Expectations –  Scott Ricardo
  • Session I Keynote “The Soul, Science, and Culture of Hope”
  • Session II Keynote “The Power of Mental Time Travel”
  •  PLC Prompts
  • Session II Keynote “BEING PRESENT – from Empowering to Self -Powering”
  • Q & A with presenter
  • PLC Prompts
  • Enter conference notes into your Canvas apartment.
  • Optional wellness and stress release activities

To Earn 1 credit (Additional Independent Study to complete 15 hours which = 1 graduate semester credit):  Read and report on the free copy of the Kids at Hope Practitioner’s Guide.

To Earn 2 credits: Read Author Rick Miller’s new  book, “The Soul, Science and Culture of Hope” and answer and submit the 10 study guide questions which are located in the Canvas Learning Platform.

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About Rick Miller

Rick Miller is the founder, CEO and Chief Treasure Hunter of Kids at Hope, an international child and youth development organization that studies family, school, and community cultures to understand better the dynamics of success and failure.

He is also the founder and Dean of the National Youth Development Master’s Institute which annually attracts are country’s top researchers and practitioners to further examine science of hope and its impact on young people.

Rick has spent 48 years in the field of child and youth development as a practitioner, researcher, teacher, public policy expert, and author. Rick’s research is revolutionizing the understanding of child and youth development and cultures.

His work is modeled in 19 states and Canada and has been cited by the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is the author of three books and two comic books. He has received Arizona State University’s Visionary Award; the City of  Phoenix, Martin Luther King, Jr. Living the Dream Award; and the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge George Washington Medal. His many keynotes, workshops, seminars, and symposiums includes a TED Talk.

Rick lives in Phoenix with his wife, Esther. They have two children and four grandchildren.

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Course Information
Course number: PDSI 9931
Location: Online

2 Credits - $350

1 Credit - $175

Course Only - $100