Tom Champoux

Tom Champoux

President Effectiveness Institute

Research has long ago established that leaders creates culture.  Thus, the principal creates the culture of the building, and in turn,  teachers create the culture in the classroom.  This session is specifically designed to help teachers clarify the beliefs and thoughts that will drive their own behavior to create a culture of Trust, Respect and Dignity.

Since thoughts drive behavior, it is critical to internalize the key thoughts that make a difference in building a learning environment with students. Not all students are the same so a single rule or thought will not achieve the desired result. Learn a pattern of thinking that develops a sense of control and a sense of safety for everyone in the classroom. Participants will be involved in small group activities with teach-backs to accelerate integrating strategies to create the learning environment they desire for their classroom. Participants will be exposed to Behavior Style information (patterns of behavior) to learn that building a learning environment requires different behaviors for different people.

Tom is the co-founder and President (retired) of the Effective Institute located in Bellevue, WA.  He has worked in all 50 states as well as internationally with schools, Universities and Corporations. Tom began his career in the classroom, later became a school counselor and dean of students and moved to Corporate America when declining enrollment eliminated his job. 

Tom is co-author of “Heart, Soul & Spirit: Bold Strategies for Transforming your Organization” and wrote the Foreword for a recently published title “No More Regrets!” by best-selling author, Marc Muchnick. The heart of Tom’s work lies in creating a climate built around empowerment and the exchange of trust, respect and dignity in all relationships. He believes the key to a better future is directly related to student success in the classroom where self-esteem, confidence and competence are learned.