Therapy Dogs

Matt Overweg

Educators… ” the second wave of frontline workers fighting Covid-19″

Our education system will forever be changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.  There will be a new normal when educators walk back through the classroom doors.  Are you prepared to handle those changes?  Educators will be faced with the task of not only their normal academic responsibilities, they will be presented with the daunting task of handling Childhood trauma. While in quarantine many children will have faced death, abuse and overall emotional turmoil. In this unprecedented time, schools are going to need to think outside the box and draw from every resource possible.  That’s why forward thinking teachers like Matt Overweg will be one of the education systems biggest assets.  With his therapy Dogs Stella and Cooper they can provide the comforting presence necessary for students to handle anxiety.  During his presentation you will be introduced to his loveable 4 legged friends.  Matt will give a brief overview of how the dynamic duo has become a hit in his school district and the benefits he sees on a daily basis. He will provide necessary information to guide other teachers interested in their own therapy dog.