Mary Louise Romero

Mary Louise Romero’s Professional Objective:
To explore a new challenge with an organization that places priorities on integrity, initiative and quality practices in the field of prevention, restorative justice, and building healthy communities.

Note from Summer Institutes Founder Coach Scott Ricardo: “At Santa Fe Public Schools, I attended a Restorative Justice Seminar featuring Santa Fe public Schools Director, Mary Louise Romero. Oh my, I was so impressed. SI alumni know that I can spot a 5-Star presenter, so you can imagine how fast I approached and asked Ms. Romero to present at my home area SI site, in Modesto CA! I am so excited to bring her to Modesto because she fits this year’s theme on teaching students to be at their best and learn how to self-manage. Ms. Romero started her career training famous athletes, including many NBA and NFL players, which is right up my alley!  My personal mission is to have her present across the country, along with my presentation on student self-management because I believe this is the first step to reducing our national teacher burnout crisis.”