Jahmad Canley

Jahmad Canley

President Potential Unleashed

Jahmad , as the President and CEO of Potential Unleashed currently works with schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States as well as Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya and The Bahamas. His ability to form strong partnerships with organizations such as UNCF’s Institute for Capacity Building, Kids at Hope, Summer Institutes and The Pacific Institute demonstrate his dedication to improving lives through education.

So whether it’s the U.S. Olympic Swim Team, groups of students in Kenya, or University Deans and Professors, Jahmad’s ability to combine his energy and passion with a sense of humor and innate sincerity enables him to connect with a wide range of audiences and empower them to achieve the growth and change they earnestly desire.

“I have learned that most people all over the world want the same thing…a better world for themselves, families, and community. What keeps us trapped is often the lack of knowledge or the lack of a process. I believe that to truly serve others, we should provide them with both a process and knowledge. The hour is late, the time is short, the task is great and we have a lot of work to do.”

In addition to his work, Jahmad is a dedicated community member and family man; in fact you’ll often find his wife and daughter traveling alongside him and cheering him on at various events and speaking engagements.


A Word From the President

“ I met Jahmad, Wally Endicott of Kids at Hope. What a talent, he turned out to be a presenter that changes peoples lives for the better. Jahmad is a classy and honorable man. I deeply appreciate how he has helped me personally to succeed”