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Casidee Dermond

Art with Cassidee

Growing up in the small town of Oakdale, California, I was introduced to art at a young age. Being a third generation artist made me a creative person and interested me in the fine art of painting. I can thank my family for being such a huge impact on my artwork and me. My paintings show the beauty I see in the world as well as giving the viewer an insight into my life. My intention is to simulate reality by using paint to portray the things I see in the world as beautiful in realistic terms.

Since 2015, Art with Cassidee has conducted sip and paint nights at it’s home studios and other locations. What makes Art with Cassidee special is it’s hands on approach to guiding people to expand their abilities to paint. Art with Cassidee will work with each individual painter to provide proper instruction so painters can walk away feeling as thought they did something they never thought they could do while having a great time doing it!

I earned a degree in Art Education with an emphasis in painting from Chico State. I started teaching High School Art in 2005. My students inspire me and I hope I do the same for them. Everyone learns the world around them differently and I believe art & creating help students think outside the box and appreciate the beauty around them. I love art & I love creating things. Whether it is decorating my house, growing ivy, or painting my interpretation of an image, my mind sees life as beautiful and as art.