Summer Institutes Salem with Dr Johnny Lake

Equity with Unity, the Power of Story

with Dr. Johnny Lake

About this workshop


  • Introductions and Setting Expectations –  Scott Ricardo
  • Session I Keynote
  • Session II Keynote
  • PLC Prompts
  • Organizing and submitting notes into your Canvas apartment
  • Session II Keynote
  • Q & A with presenter
  • PLC Prompts
  • Enter conference notes into your Canvas apartment.
  • Optional wellness and stress release activities

Additional Independent Study to complete 15 hours which = 1 graduate semester credit. TBD. Submit activities into Canvas Learning Platform.

2 credit option: Completion of the one credit requirements above and a one day Place Based Education Independent Study Day.  Journal your hours of PBE, answer the 10 questions, and submit into Canvas Learning Platform.

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About Dr. Johnny Lake

International Trainer/Consultant/Speaker/Author

Dr. Johnny Lake is a nationally certified and internationally recognized speaker and trainer in programs focused on leadership, diversity, community-building, cross-cultural interactions skills, promoting equity and ethics.

Course Information
Course number: PDSI 9933
Location: Online

2 Credits - $350

1 Credit - $175

Course Only - $100