2022 National Conference

PDSI 9943, "Replenish, Rejuvenate & Remember Why You Teach"
A full five-day experience

Educator Wellbeing Conferences & Accelerating Academic Achievement
for 35 years (1987)

Looking for relevant interesting professional development, college credits and rejuvenation? Why not get all three at summer Institutes?

About this conference

  • Interactive SI family SEL stress reducing components
  • New PTCMS: Team Classroom Management System
  • Being in the now
  • Enhancing the group climate and culture of our schools
  • Capturing effort
  • Do you control your mind or does your mind control you?
  • Reducing the fear of failure
  • Live virtual or on-demand track options

University of Pacific Graduate Level Credits

3 credits (45 hours) – Passing grade: Attendance & journaling.
Letter grade: Passing requirements, plus written report on presenters

4 credits (60 hours) – Passing grade & letter grades same as 3 credits, plus one independent study book reading/report on Ingrid Rick’s Book, Focus.

Clock Hours Available – Register for Conference Only and contact North Central ESD.

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Course Information
Course title: PDSI 9943
Replenish, Rejuvenate & Remember Why You Teach
Location: Online



4 Credits - $700

3 Credits - $525

Conference Only - $405


Ingrid Ricks

Ingrid Ricks, New York Times Best Selling Author
Seizing the Power of Now

Utilizing several interactive exercises, Ricks will help you:
  • Rewrite the Negative Stories You Tell Yourself
  • Strip Fear of its Power
  • Turn Your Adversity into an Asset
  • Embrace Change
  • Go For it – Whatever IT is
“I LOVE That Guy!”
Katie Couric, CBS Evening News

Alex Kajitani, Speaker, Author & California Teacher of the Year
Owning It: Proven Strategies to Stress Less, Teach More & Love What You Do

Join Alex for an inspiring and energizing morning to help you be a highly effective educator who loves what you do. Specific topics include how you can:
  • Engage students with easy-to-implement, high-leverage strategies that have a big impact on learning.
  •  Manage the classroom environment with confidence and creativity, so students learn in an atmosphere of positivity and safety.
  • Create a classroom culture where student thrive.
  • Interact with colleagues in ways that are productive and healthy, and avoid mid-year burnout!
Summer Institutes Barbi Riggs

Barbi Riggs, Sweet Home Unified School District
From Para Educator to District Administrator, Building Trusting/Caring Teams

  • Strong relationships allowed teaching in a pandemic to be successful.
  • Communication was the key to reaching students in person or through hybrid teaching.
  • Wellness needs to not only be important for our students but for ourselves as educators.
Summer Institutes - Mark Speckmen

Mark Speckman, International Inspirational Presenter/Coach
Figure It Out

  • Recognize interconnectedness of motivation, attitude, talent and potential
  • Can we motivate students?
  • Power of potential
  • Awaken ability to “Figure it Out”
Coach Golden Pat Ruel

Coach Golden Pat Ruel, Seattle Seahawks World Champion/Author
Does Your Brain Control You or Do you Control Your Brain?

Scott Ricardo, President/Founder of Summer Institutes

Scott Ricardo, President/Founder Summer Institutes
Positive Team Classroom Management System

  • Building Caring Relationships
  • Establish a Concept of Team
  • Maximizing Teaching Time
  • 100% Student Engagement in Seconds

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term “unconference” has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid hierarchical aspects of a conventional conference, such as sponsored presentations and top-down organization.[1][2]


Place-Based Education

Summer Institutes PBE

Place-based education (PBE) immerses students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences, using these as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and other subjects across the curriculum. PBE emphasizes learning through participation in service projects for the local school and/or community.

Place Based Education Independent Study Day


Summer Institutes - Wellness

All participants will be encouraged to participate in 2 hours of self-care wellness at the end of each day.