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PDSI 9920 – Increasing Whole Educator Potential to Develop Whole Students (Equity, Mindset, Grit, Body and Character)

Event Description

This rejuvenating conference includes everything you’ve grown to expect from SI and more.

  • Relational Equity
  • Relevant Standards-Based Presentations
  • Interesting PLC Collaboration Component
  • Place Based Education Day Trips
  • Effective Implementation of the Common Core
  • Important Wellness Activities
  • Innovative Technology
  • Replinish, Rejuvinate & Remember Why You Teach.

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Dates: Start Date: Monday, July 17, 2017 End Date: Friday, July 21, 2017 (4:00pm - 6:00pm Wellness Daily)

Start time: 08:00 a.m.

End time: 06:00 p.m.

Venue: Liberty High School

Address: 21945 NW Wagon Way Hillsboro, OR 97124



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Scott Ricardo

30 Years

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Johnny Lake

Dr. Lake is an internationally recognized educator, writer, and storyteller and works with a broad section of the community. He is a consultant, trainer, and speaker certified in programs respecting leadership, diversity, community-building, cross-cultural communication and interactions skills, equity and ethics for youth and adults. He consults with government, professional and educational agencies and organizations. Assistant Professor of Education, Northwest Christian University.

Title: Apples, Oranges, and Diversity: Multiculturalism in our Modern Society

This training is designed to help teachers, staff, and school leaders to identify and build the necessary skills and capabilities to work successfully with the challenges and opportunities presented by the increasing diversity and multicultural dynamics of our schools and communities. Consistent with research and practice educators recognize the critical importance of the teacher-student interactions and relationship. This session centers the student in the educational process. Intellectual content and experiential learning provide key learning for teachers to gain effective knowledge and skills to enhance educational outcomes for all children.

Rick Miller

Founder/President, Kids at Hope. Boys and Girls Clubs of America Rick received Arizona State University’s Visionary Award in 2000, the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, George Washington Honor Medal in 2009, and the City of Phoenix’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Living the Dream Award in 2011. Rick served in the White House during the 1980’s in support of the President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives.

Title: Common Core with Common Care to Ensure the Success of ALL Students… No Exceptions!

Rick, the Founder of Kids at Hope (link this to KAH Site) is one of the most informed and effective spokespersons for children. He is able to translate complicated theory into straightforward and powerful expressions about what is best for youth.

  • 45 years educating, advocating, caring, and supporting the futures of all youth
  • Served for Presidents Reagan and Carter
  • White House Youth Summit Coordinator & Youth Employment Task Force
  • Adjunct faculty member with Arizona State University since 1984
  • Author: “Youth Development from the Trenches“
  • Founder/Established Kids At Hope Schools in 18 States and Canada


Marah Walden

After teaching 5 years at Sunnyside High School in Sunnyside, WA, Marah attended Gonzaga University and received an MA in Organizational Leadership and Teambuilding. She currently teaches at Davis High School in Yakima, WA, and enjoys leading the Link Crew program at her school and volunteering with Young Life.

Title: Creating Community in the Classroom

As teachers, we want to push our kids academically. However, if they don’t feel safe socially, they may be hesitant to take risks in class. By investing time at the start of the year to help kids get to know each other, you will be able to challenge them academically sooner in the year.

Gabe Murfitt

Gabe Murfitt, an inspiring speaker and author who challenges his audiences to live with courage in the face of life’s greatest challenges and adversities. Gabe is a young man with an amazing story but he feels his story is not that different than yours. Sure, he was born with a unique body. But if you think about it, you have a unique design too. It just so happens that his design is a little on the unusual side.

Title: Nothing is out of Reach

This training is designed to help inspire you to achieve any goal that you have set. Whether it is something small or the biggest idea you have ever come up with I will help you find different ways to reach them. I will also talk about how to create a community within your school. Not just for your students but for the teachers that you work with. It is important that students know that they are apart of a community when they go to school. I believe that when students feel that they have a place in their school they will succeed more not only in school but in life.

Ingrid Ricks

Ingrid Ricks, founder of Write it Out Loud, is a New York Times bestselling author, ghostwriter and narrative writing consultant. Her books include the coming-of-age memoir, Hippie Boy and Focus, a memoir about her journey with the blinding eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. She is currently teaming with African Children’s Choir Founder Ray Barnett to write his inspiring memoir. Along with writing, Ingrid is passionate about social justice issues and about leveraging narrative writing and the new world of publishing to give both teens and adults a voice. She has helped more than a thousand students of every age find healing and empowerment by writing the deeply personal stories they need to tell. She has also helped produce seven teen anthologies including Dear Mr. President: Teen Voices From Across the Country, a powerful collection of letters, essays and poems that captures the fears, hopes and dreams of youth who were too young to vote in the most recent presidential election. Ingrid lives in Seattle with her husband and two daughters. For more information, visit

Title: Unleashing the Healing Power of Personal Narrative

Narrative writing is about so much more than just “show vs. tell” techniques designed to bring a personal story to life. It’s a way to ignite a passion for writing among youth, while helping them to find healing, empowerment and validation by writing the deeply personal stories they need to tell. It’s also a way to foster understanding and compassion among peers and the community at large. In this hands-on narrative writing workshop, NYT bestselling author Ingrid Ricks draws on personal experiences and lessons learned working one-on-one with more than a thousand students to help you unleash the healing power of personal narrative for the youth you mentor—and for yourself.

Bob Davee

Education: Bachelors w/ Honors in Finance, Indiana University. MBA, Northwestern University. Business Background: Asset Management, Investment Banking, Trust Services. I’ve been helping clients define and meet their financial goals for over 25 years. I’ll help you visualize your successful retirement. Then I’ll put together a plan to help you achieve your dreams. Planning, Saving, Investing- I’ll help you put it all together.

Title: Reducing Financial Stress Through Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement. No matter how much you love what you do, you probably dont want to do it until you drop. I help teachers understand what they have with their current retirement plans (generally PERS) and how that can be the keystone in their retirement plan. Science tells us that financial security and reduced mental stress increases educator performance. Understanding your current retirement plans from current and former employers is the first step to that day when you can retire on your own terms. I show people in a fun and involved way, what they can count on and what can do to fill in the gaps. Financial lessons plans available for classroom situations.