We’re doing it again! College Credit offered at AFCA Convention January 8th – 11th in Nashville Tennessee! Accredited through University of the Pacific, Stockton, California.

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Download the University of Pacific Registration Form Here.

Please mail applications to:
Summer Institutes
223 Blue Ridge Road
Port Townsend, WA 98368

For more info, contact Scott Ricardo
(209) 648-4054
Email Scott

Event Details

Dates: January 8th – 11th

Start time: 08:00 a.m.

End time: 07:00 p.m.

Venue: Nashville, TN

Address: Coming Soon!

Phone: Coming Soon!



Course Rates

California Course Rates

Credit prices include conference fees. Group rate required from same school.

SI ExperienceBy April 15By May 1By June 1After June 1
Tues Boost w/ Alex$98$108$138$188
Tues Boost + 1 credit$198$208$238$288
5 Day Conference$305$315$345$395
3 credit: Group$405$415$445$495
4 credit: Group$525$535$565$615
3 credit: Individual$425$435$465$515
4 credit: Individual$545$555$585$635

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Additional Course Details

The PDS Series – Since 1996

The PDS is completed by attending a specified number of PDS-designated seminars. Participants will receive a PDS verification card upon arrival to the AFCA convention. Members will have their verification card stamped upon exiting each lecture. If the member has attended the specified number of lectures, then an AFCA/NCAA Professional Development Series Certificate of Completion will be mailed after the convention.

How to Earn Graduate Level College Credit

A. To earn one semester hour of university credit a coach will complete 15 AFCA Professional Development Series hours and will follow the procedures indicated below. This credit will be earned through University of the Pacific for $135 per credit hour for AFCA members (normal price $145).

  1. Each coach will summarize each of the PDS speakers or meetings that they are required to attend. A daily journal is strongly suggested.
  2. Turn in your completed PDS card to the AFCA PDS location that will be announced by the AFCA staff at the convention.
  3. Download the University of the Pacific Registration form above.
  4. After downloading, you will need to fill it out and mail it to: Summer Institutes, 223 Blue Ridge Rd., Port Townsend, WA 98368

B. To earn two Semesters hours of University credit hours at the AFCA convention.

  1. A coach must complete the above requirements for one credit hour.
  2. A coach must document an additional 15 hours of time spent at the convention related to their coaching.
    1. These may be meetings that are not on the PDS schedule, such as the high school or Junior college sessions, breakfast meetings, luncheons, time spent in meetings with coaches giving instruction, buzz sessions, personal sessions with coaches, any of the forums listed on the schedule, breakout sessions, etc.
    2. Each of these hours must be documented with names of the speakers, times of the meetings and the names of coaches you received instruction.
  3. For any five of the speakers or meetings, the coach is required to indicate how the information they received will relate to their own football program. Also, how will the coach implement the techniques, system(s) or style of play that they have learned into their own program or unit they coach, such as linebackers.
  4. If the coach has signed-up for two credit hours they must submit the PDS PORTION in the same mailing but have the 2nd hour for credit materials separate.
  5. Complete the Pre-Planning log sheet below:

Please indicate the appropriate number of hours (minimum two (2) hours) that you have devoted to the pre-planning portion of your convention experience. Acceptable activities include but are not limited to research and readings, activity coordination, setting of athletic goals to achieve, selection of presentations to attend.


Signature_______________________ Date___________________

Download a copy of this form.

This activity log sheet will be sent to the Summer Institutes Staff at the conclusion of the convention. All paper work is due no later than September 30, 2017. ALERT: Please do not procrastinate on getting your work done and turned in by post-marked date September 30, 2017. Assignments will not be accepted after this date. No refunds.

A. The participant will determine amount of credits you wish to earn when you register online.

  1. All accompanying work for one or two credit hours for course requirements will be evaluated by the Summer Institute’s staff.
  2. It will be the discretion of the Summer Institute’s staff to award the appropriate credit as determined by the quality and thoroughness of the required work. Participants will be notified should their work not meet the requirements for the credits that they applied for.
  3. The requirements may be either mailed or e-mailed to the Summer Institute’s staff. The material must be submitted no later than September 30, 2017.

B. PLEASE NOTE – Semester units (hours) or non-degree graduate-level credit are awarded for successful completion of coursework. In addition, these courses will be listed on a University transcript. Designed exclusively to meet the needs of educators and administrators for professional upgrading and salary advancement, these credits are not applicable to a degree program at Pacific. District approval is recommended before enrolling as tuition is non-refundable. These units do not count toward undergraduate degree requirements.

C. All materials must be post marked by September 30, 2017. If materials are not submitted by that time without contacting the director, Scott Ricardo, the student will earn an “Incomplete Grade.” Incomplete grades turn into a No Pass grade after one year. No refunds.

Please send all materials to Summer Institutes, Scott Ricardo, 223 Blue Ridge Road, Port Townsend, WA 98368 or E-mail Scott@summerinstitutes.com. For further information contact Scott Ricardo at 209 648-4054.

POSTING OF GRADES – Grades for the work will be posted during the next available grading period. It is the responsibility of the participant to check posting deadlines so that all work may meet respective state and school district requirements.

Should you have any questions at any time, you are to contact the Summer Institute staff.

In coaching, remember: Good Luck = Good preparation! Thanks for choosing the Summer Institute for your coaching educational needs!